The mission for Center for Functional Cancer Epigenetics (CFCE) is to explore the key role that epigenetic alterations and abnormal transcriptional regulation play in the development and progression of cancer. A better understanding of these alterations will lead to better diagnosis for cancer and the potential to contribute to the knowledge required for the development of new therapeutics exploiting epigenetic mechanisms.


The CFCE was founded by Myles Brown and Shirley Liu in 2011 who oversee the overall scientific and operational activities of the Center as co-directors. Other member labs include the Ramesh Shivdasani lab, the Kornelia Polyak Lab, and the Matthew Freedman lab. Henry Long is the Center’s Associate Director.

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Working with the CFCE

The CFCE laboratory, sequencing, and data analysis expertise are available to all Dana-Farber and Harvard affiliated schools and hospitals as well as external academic and industry researchers.

ChIP Collaborations

We provide following laboratory work for chip-seq, rna-seq, and dna-seq experiments. Given a cell pellet sample, we will perform the QC, immunoprecipitation, clean-up, library construction, sequencing and basic analysis (QC, mapping reads, statistics on the regions identified, annotation and creating genome browser track for data).

Request for Collaborations

For more information or to submit a request for sequencing services please contact us.



The Center has collaborated with the Liu lab in developing a number of computations pipelines and tools. More details are here.